Friday, February 4, 2011


We had school today. Even though most of the sideroads were still covered in snow and ice, we were at the school house. And it was the 100th day of school. Which is a really big deal to first graders. We did all kinds of fun things, but my favorite was the "100th Day Olympics." I heard all kinds of phrases, such as: "I have sweat coming onto my face." "My legs are all knotted up in cramps." "This is the funnest thing of my life." "I think I might throw-up." "I'm glad I have good muscles." These are just a few of the wonderful comments I heard during the Olympics in my class. I loved it. And all the while we were sweating, it was snowing up a storm outside. The admin graciously let us go at 2:20. How nice. Right before my kids were heading to art and I was going to get some work done. However, I did get home by 3:20 which is extremely early for a Friday, so I won't complain...Once I got home is kept snowing and snowing so our Saturday school was CANCELLED. Yes! I realllly didn't want to go to school tomorrow, so I'm thrilled. Now that the 100th day celebration is behind us, I can focus on the next holiday at hand. Ten days and counting and I'm thinking about hearts.

I found this delicious scone recipe via Prudent Baby and I modified it to fit my lactose intolerant needs. While I'm sure they weren't as delicious as the ones laden with heavy cream, I didn't have trouble gobbling them up. And I got to use one of my heart cookie cutters. So I was happy. Ingrid is also seeing hearts in her ridiculously cute robe from the Statlers.

Heather told me that she and Amelia made some Valentine's decorations and I can't wait to see them. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little time to make some for our house before it's too late.


  1. Oh my goodness her precious robe fits just in time for Valentine's day!Obviously she loves it,look at that wonderful smile.Precious heart scones and I bet they were scrumptious.I knew the kids would love all your hundred day ideas and I am glad your room had good attendance for your plans.

  2. I'm so glad you don't have to go to school today! The 100th day sounded fantastic and competitive, the way we like it!!! Those quotes were the best. If you're not about to puke, you're not playing hard enough!!! :) Miss you.

  3. These are the cutest pictures yet of our Ingrid Cate. The robe is so soft and she loves it.I am guessing, just out of the tub,precious.
    I will take a scone,yum yum.

  4. Competition on 100 hundred day...sounds like a very smart idea! And fun :) And like somebody else I know - "If you're not about to puke, you're not playing hard enough!!!" Where does she get that!?!?!??
    Love the hearts - especially the ones on that sweet baby girl :) Adorable!
    So glad you are not out on this all this snow for a school day! It was realllllllly bad last night!

  5. ahh so sweet. i seriously must comment on her smile every single time. it just makes my day! love that chunky cheek babe--especially the pic of her in her bed. cute. you are an awesome teacher and i know those kids had a blast.