Thursday, February 17, 2011

"It feels like summer"

This is what I heard all day at school today. "Mrs. Henderson, it feels just like summer out here!" "Mrs. Henderson, I sweated to death at recess." "Mrs. Henderson, is it above 100 today?" hahaha I love that last one. In their defense, the high was 73 degrees today. It was wonderful. I love the warmth. It makes me long for days full of sun and heat and NO wind. I guess I'm being too picky, but it is always windy here. And that's the pits for kids. Sunday afternoon, the wind wasn't too bad so we did get to go on a stroller ride. I got a few pics. But Ingrid was way too interested in the stroller strap and a little puppy jogging along beside us to bother posing for my camera. She got to wear her cool pink shades from Drew's party though. She loved them.

This is unrelated to the above, but I thought it was alarming funny so I must write it down. One of my precious little girls at school came up to me this morning and said the following:
C: Wow, Mrs. Henderson!
Me: What, C?
C: Why do you have on make-up today?
Me: I always wear make-up. Every day.
C: No you don't.
Me: I really do, C.
C: I've NEVER seen you wear make-up before.
Me: Well, does it look okay?
C: Yes! I wish you would wear it every day.

So...I guess it's a really good thing Derek got me that Sephora gift card for Valentine's Day! Looks like I need it.


  1. Sunglasses are so sweet and of course she was staring at a dog,she loves Cooper.Good grief Steph,get some make-up on.LOL funny story
    D is loving pushing that stroller.

  2. Why does that always happen to us? WE WEAR MAKEUP PEOPLE. Lol. Loved that story and the glasses rule.

  3. Lol, funny story about the makeup. I am loving those pink shades on little Ing...and, I am really, really, loving her tights. Too cool for school, girl.

  4. haha :) I've totally had some very similiar experiences with students-I mean, at least you didn't have a student ask you if you were pregnant! (4 years ago when I was single, and very much NOT pregnant) :) :) :)

  5. I am laughing at that story! I guess Derek knew what he was doing ;)
    We had the privilege of having dinner with Garrett & Sheree' the other night & of course the main discussion was Maelea & ingrid & the blogs. We love getting to see them & just how cute they are. And of course what will Gertie Mac look like???? 33 weeks along now.