Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Totally Obsessed With....

There are several things I'm LOVING right now.  So I thought it would be fun to document what I'm "Totally Obsessed With" because it will be so funny to look back years from now and see what really caught my eye.  Everywhere I look I see chevron stripes.  I love the graphic pattern.  I love that you can use it anywhere.  Your home, wardrobe, accessories, etc.  Here are some of my finds for
Chevron Stripes

Ing and I around Halloween


  1. well look at you little miss 'what i'm obsessed with'. rivaling some folks, eh? guess what? i'm obsessed with your blog. so there.

  2. last picture best of course :)
    cute skirt and precious baby

  3. Saw a Design Star show once where a lady painted a wall with Chevron stripes-looked fantastic. My first fave pic-you and Ingrid...second fave-the blue and white room bathroom. An afternoon there?-yes please. :) p.s.-what's your e-mail address?

  4. Think that is marble table top,love that and the hangings above it. Only YOU Steph.