Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day

This is my second full week of work since Christmas break. Pitiful, I know. But that's the truth. Thanks to all the snow. And I am so thankful that it's already Wednesday. I was afraid the week was going to draaaaag on and on, especially with starting our Monday off with the Valentine's party. But, it's going by relatively quickly and I'm happy.

 What doesn't make me happy is how quickly Ingrid is growing up. I really can't believe all the stages that have come and gone. She really feels less and less like a "baby-baby" every day. She crawled forward the farthest yet tonight, and while I was so happy she reached this milestone, I was a bit sad that she already reached this milestone. I might be a tad crazy...But I'm glad Derek got it on video! Hopefully he will share it soon. It was really precious. (Minus my crazy baby voice. Why do I sound so scary in videos?) I don't have any pics because I was moving her object of desire (my phone) just out of arm's reach so she would go just a little farther!

I do have some photos of our last snow day together. Ingrid Cate played in her room with the play cube for an hour and fifteen minutes. Her attention never wavered. Mine did. Hers didn't!

She's really enjoying standing up and playing a lot more. Her legs are getting so much stronger! I think she might be an exercise nut like her dad because she's already doing calf raises and push-ups.

Ing is also starting to enjoy a few snacks that she can feed to herself. She's had mum-mums and puffs. She really loves mum-mums the best because it's more to hold on to and she can bite and chew on them. But they usually scare me to death! I know they dissolve, but she tries to put such a huge piece in her mouth that it doesn't have time to dissolve before she is ready to swallow. Then I'm fishing it out of her throat! I've tried breaking them into smaller pieces, but her slobbery fingers melt them away before she can eat them. Regardless, she thinks they're delish!


  1. She thinks everything is delish so far.LOL So cute eating her mum mum.She is definitely a mover and a stander.Loves her play table here.So glad she loves the cube and looks a great height for her. She is a cutie! Until you have your own you don't really get how fast the time goes,now you see.

  2. I just can't get enough of Miss Ingrid's smile. Precious ! :) Here's to hoping the rest of the school days fly by so you can enjoy your girl even more!

  3. Thank you so much for documenting these milestones. You crack me up! Those push ups...


  5. The push up pictures are killing me. Seriously, my favorite part of post. What form?!?!