Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Bath

Liv did great on her first real bath. We've been waiting and waiting for her cord to come off so she could have a nice soak. She only cried for a split second at the beginning. Then she decided she loved getting her hair washed a good scrub-down!

All smiles!

Here's a look back 16 months ago to Ingrid's first bath! So serious.


  1. So darling!!! So proud of that dark hair,doubt it stays tho. LOL LOVE the bath pictures. Two precious little girls.

  2. Sweet memory pics. I love little ones in the bath and am so glad Liv enjoyed her soak! Praying your family of four is doing well!

  3. Love hooded towels to the boney woney!Ingrid serious and darling and Liv all smiley and cutey pie pie!

  4. Steph... I love how you keep me up with your blogs.. THANK you for taking the time to post them.... "Biv" is just so pretty... as is Ing~!
    You and D make beautiful babies....