Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween//Part 2

Church Pumpkin Patch Party

Our church has a community-wide Pumpkin Patch Party complete with games, balloons, food, a hayride, bounce house, the works! I was so excited to take Ingrid this year, but I had a little trepidation. I knew it would be really crowded, no matter how early we went and I was worried Ingrid wouldn't want to get down and play any of the games with such a crowd. She was definitely a little nervous when we first walked in, so I was that mom who was acting OVERLY excited so her kid would have fun.

Mom and Dad met us at the church and walked around and played games with us. We had so much fun. Once Ingrid started playing games, she didn't want to stop! There were so many games she could do all by herself.

Ingrid loved putting her candy prizes in the cute bag Alana made for her!

She really got into character "Hooting" for everyone too.

I think the wheel spin and feeding the monkey were her favorite games.

The pumpkin patch party was a huge success! Next up, trick-or-treating. At this rate, I might get all my Halloween posts done by Thanksgiving!


  1. Steph... I have looked every day since the last post... to see her in her costume.... you did a fabulous job! YOU are so so TALENTED!!!!

    You and Derek just 'ooze' with talent, skills, and make the best couple... ever... no doubt you were put together by God!

    Ing was the cutest owl ever! She looks SO SO MUCH LIKE YOU NOW!!! THOSE eyes!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your life on a blog! You give me joy to read about it! Love you!

  2. These are the cutest pictures ever!!! She is just like you two, loves Halloween !!! I am glad there was a shot of your and Liv's costume also.LOL

  3. Soooo cute! Her costume turned out fantastic! I think some of my favorite pictures are the ones with the people in the background working the games, they are so precious and smiling at Ingrid and it is just adorable. Can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks!!!

  4. Love Ingrid's costume on her!!! Her face is so precious saying "Hooo"...and I love your shirt too. :) Liv will be here so soon! Excited.

  5. Still amazed at he perfect costume and of course everyone was commenting on it!Such a fun time and so proud of her for her playing and having so much fun even with lots of strangers.It was all great!!!Loved the creativity on the fish bowl too.LOL

  6. maybe next year we can all go together. such adorable pictures you got! she is so happy in every single onee. i love itttt.