Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween//Part 3


When we left the church's pumpkin patch party, we headed to our trick-or-treating spots: Meme & Pop's and Nana & Grandpa's. Ingrid was all ready to "knock, knock, knock" on the door. Meme and Pop had her a whole bowl full of candy. Ingrid was more than happy to throw it into her candy bag.

It was hilarious watching her bite into all her goodies. She loved them.

Next up, we headed to Glenda and Daniel's for more treats.

A big thanks to Alana for Ingrid's super cute candy bag! I got a bag for Liv too, but we'll let her debut it next year.

Speaking of Liv, she actually had her first costume this year. You caught a glimpse of her fishbowl in the last post.

I got this crazy idea for a fishbowl in my head and thought it would be so cute. Ingrid's costume took up most of my spare time so I found myself with no costume. I knew my kids would never let me live it down at school if I showed up with no costume, so at 10:00 the night before Halloween I sat down and started cutting out my felt pieces. I opted to glue them on for time's sake and they stayed on pretty well. I think it turned out great. I have to share a funny story about my kids at school. First of all, they loved the costume. It was definitely worth making. Secondly, we were standing in line and this conversation happened:

Kid 1: I sure hope Liv can swim.
Kid 2: Why? Why did you just say that?
Kid 1: Because she's been in that fishbowl all day!
Kid 2: Ohhhhh. I see.
Kid 3: I hope she can hold her breath for a long time.
Kid 4: So, Mrs. Henderson, you technically didn't dress up today.
Me: What? Of course I did. I'm a fishbowl.
Kid 4: NO, you aren't a fishbowl. Liv is. She's the one who is dressed up for Halloween.

So there you have it! Liv's first costume!!


  1. Those kids stories cracked me up!Glad Ingrid loved her trick or treating while we worked the pumpkin patch.She looked like she thought all was yummy.

  2. FUN FUN !! Glad we got the chance to be in on the trick or treat time..Our Ingy does love a sweet. LOL Stephy,only you would think of fish bowl idea...too clever. kid story WILD..