Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Big Reveal

Have you been waiting and waiting for a name for baby sister???  I have. And this isn't it. Tricked ya! (This is Heather's favorite thing I do. Tricks. Heehee.) This is about a reveal though. I got to go to my first ever gender reveal party!! I've always wanted to have one myself, but couldn't get it together for either of my girls' reveal. So I was happy to go to one for someone else. Our friends Stephen and Elizabeth are due about a week after us. It's so fun to be pregnant with someone else. Last time I was pregnant with my bestie, MB, and nothing can compare to that! We were due on the SAME DAY for pete's sake. That was awesome. But it is nice to have friends pregnant at the same time as you. We have three teachers who are pregnant at my school right now. Yay for babies! Back to the reveal. Stephen and Elizabeth had a lot of their family and friends over to their house for cheeseburgers, chips and dips, and cake.

We were supposed to wear the color that represented the gender we thought the baby would be. Can you guess what we predicted?

Erin, Ingrid, and I were all guessing girl. And Elizabeth was guessing boy. The cake was the most important part of the party. We all gathered around as Elizabeth cut the cake. If it was pink--they were having a girl, blue--a boy. And it was...

Pink! They are having a little sister for their daughter Sophia! I am so happy for them. Here are the guys excited after the reveal.

It was fun. Maybe if we have another baby I can do a gender reveal party??? hahaha. I better not get ahead of myself. :)


  1. You little trickster !!!!!!!!!! I was reading that out loud to Pop so we would hear the same time. boooooooo. LoL..
    Fun time with friends, what a neat idea !! Yes, use that with #3.HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP...

  2. enough please. :) cute party, fun idea!

  3. NO FAIR!!! I was so pumped!!
    Glad for the happy family with the new baby girl coming though :)