Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 2 Wrap-up & Weekend fun

I have 10 days of school officially under my belt and it feels pretty good. I'm getting right back into the routine. I feel like I've already been in school for a couple months and that I've known these kids forever. I have a few more funny/cute stories from this past week, so I thought I'd share.

-"Mrs. Henderson!!! I have on my new skinny jeans and tall brown boots that I bought in Branson!! How do I loook?" Says student E, complete with twirl. Keep in mind, she's 6!

-"Mrs. Henderson!! You're pregnant AGAIN?? Wow, you must love babies." Says a student I had two years ago.

-"You're still pregnant? Why haven't you had your baby?" random student in the hallway. I respond with, "She's still too little to come out yet. She has to stay in my belly for a little bit longer." Random student, "She looks pretty big to me."

-"Good Morning Mrs. Henderson! How is Liv feeling this morning?" says student S, totally melting my heart.


Now that I'm back to work, I cherish the weekends like they're pure gold. We had a great Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a family of three. Saturday evening we headed up to Branson because Derek's Best Buy gift card he got for his birthday was burning a hole in his pocket! haha. We went by Pet Co. first to show Ingrid all the animals. They were having adoption day so there were lots of dogs for her to see. She loved it so much. Her favorite animals were the guinea pigs, which she thought were bunnies. She kept saying, "Hi bun-bun." over and over.

Ingrid loves animals so much. Most books and toys that she loves to play with involve animals. She has a new stuffed cat that mom got her the other day and it is attached to her at all times. She doesn't ever say cat though, she calls it her meow-meow. There are a few other animals she only says the sound for: horse=neigh, sheep=baaa, cow=moo, owl=hoo. Animal names she says are: dog, pig, bunny, duck, elephant, giraffe, fish, bear, wolf, and rooster. I think I got them all. She is such a talker. After Pet Co. we went to Best Buy and browsed around. We left empty handed, but Derek already made a trip to Branson today to get what he wished he'd walked away with last night! Who doesn't love a new toy? By then it was super late and Ingrid had consumed all the puffs she wanted, so we darted over to Chili's for some dinner.

We couldn't leave without going in Target for just a sec--plus we were almost out of laundry detergent and Target is the only place that carries it--so we had to!! And I snuck away with a new dress--baby bump & nursing friendly! Score for me :)
We had such a busy weekend that we wore Ingrid out. She fell asleep on the way home from church today, after lunch. Notice the tiny cat tucked above shoulder! This is Ash, the little kitty from the Easter bunny. She is so small, we decided a good home for her is in the cupholder of Ingrid's car seat. Ingrid is excited every time she sees her. She always gives her a kiss and then tucks her right next to her ear for safe keeping. Cracks me up.


  1. Student stories are so funny-gotta love them!I can just hear her calling for those bun buns-LOL She looked so precious in that cute dress matching her Momma!Sweet sleepy girl!

  2. Every day is a day of wonder for Ing..She loves all things she gets to exployer if they are NOT loud !!!! The picture of her little hands when she is asleep is so perfect.Still laughing at Ash stuck by her ear...LOL LOL Look how much that hair is growing,woo woo....