Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's 12:30 AM and I just got back from school. Working in my classroom. Thank heavens for my mom. And dad. They were there working with me. I'm trying to work after Ingrid goes to bed so I can savor every second with her before school starts back. Cramming. I have so much work to do it my classroom. We have a new curriculum in every subject. I need to study, study, study to be prepared. I have 12 days. Cramming. I still have things I want to do before summer is over. Projects to finish. Friends to see. Time with my family. Cramming. I know once school starts I will be so tired by the time Ingrid goes to bed. And there will still be dishes, laundry, cleaning, and school work. I want to relish in every last bit of summer.

I got to fit in a visit with my college friend Sara this summer! She and her husband and precious 5-week old baby girl went on a little vacation to Branson. And I was so lucky to spend a few hours with them on their way back home. They made a detour to come grab some breakfast with us and spend a bit of time at our house. Ingrid was so excited to meet Anna Ruth!

And to her wonderful surprise, they matched! They both had on red with white polka dots. I thought it was too cute. And how adorable is Anna Ruth? Seriously? With all that dark hair sweet little face. I was smitten.

I got to hold her and rock her and it was wonderful.

Not to mention the great conversation and catching up I got to do with Sara. A big thanks to she and Brett for helping me cram one more fun thing into my summer.

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  1. We sure enjoyed this visit. :) Praying you have time to get everything done and have some fun too :). Love you.