Saturday, January 7, 2012

18 months old

Dear Ingrid,

Exactly six months ago today you turned one! How fast time is flying by...It seems like just a few weeks ago we were carefully planning all the details of your party. And yet you have changed so much since your party that it seems like it has surely been more than six months for you to do all this growing! You are getting taller and slimmer since you are on the go from 6 AM-7:30 PM every day. You take one nap in the afternoon to get some much-needed rest. You love to sleep with your blankets that you fondly call big and little night-night. You love your comfort items so much. You still sleep with your paci too. I'm glad you have these things to comfort you and help you sleep tight. I might be in trouble because I think you have a clothes and shoes obsession! You love getting clothes out of the laundry basket, putting them in piles, "folding" them, putting them up, getting dressed, and trying on different shoes over and over. You are talking more than ever. You scarcely stop to catch your breath! You love to play pretend with your dollhouse, barn animals, babies, and stuffed animals. Building towers with your new legos is another favorite game we play. You still love puzzles, but your favorite right now is a matching puzzle game with colors and textures. Since last month you have mastered all your colors except black. You still call it white or brown sometimes. You can count to thirteen and love counting things throughout our house. You absolutely LOVE nursery rhymes. You have one certain book that you love to "read" your rhymes out of. You can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ring Around the Rosie, Old McDonald, Hickory Dickory Dock, and The Wheels on the Bus by yourself. You love to help me with Yankee Doodle, Old Mother Hubbard, If You're Happy and You Know It, Jack and Jill, and This Little Piggie. You love drawing with chalk on our chalkboard wall. You pick to draw with the red, purple, and blue most often. And you like for mama to draw the letters E and Y! haha. I don't know why they're your favorites! You are very interested in the potty. You've wanted to sit on the potty chair at Gammy's and Aunt Heather's house and even the big potty at our house. You've never gone in it yet, but you really want to be able to. Mommy isn't really ready to start that adventure with you yet, but if you keep showing so much interest I guess I better jump on board! You are such a loving little girl. You give me big hugs and kisses all the time. You like to give Liv love pats and kisses on her "little baby hand" as you call it! You make my heart swell with pride every day. Happy 18 months.

 Love, Mama See all the clothes in the background you've been playing with? Love it!


  1. Precious photos of our sweet girl!1 and a half doesn't seem possible. She is such a funny little girl too,with all of the things she says and pretends in her sweet voice.We all get such a kick out of her!Pure JOY!

  2. smartest child ever. so so so fun. love her. and loved the scottie outfits too. presh!