Friday, January 6, 2012

Granny Lane's visit

On Sunday afternoon Granny Lane got to come out to Glenda's for a get-together with the family. She was having a great day and we all had a wonderful time together. Ingrid was in rare form and was showing out for everyone. There were quite a few people there so I was shocked at how much personality shined through. She was chatting with everyone. Favorite thing she said was this: She was telling everyone bye-bye and I told her to tell Davy bye. She had been a little hesitant around him all day but she shyly said "Bye-bye Daney." Derek says Davy is so tall (he is! about 6'4" or so) Ingrid tells him bye again with a little something added on the end. "Bye-bye Daney. Daney a giraffe." I thought I would die laughing. So funny. And a great association! Here are a few pics from our great family day. Ingrid and Liv were wearing their matching scottie dog outfits from Heather. I LOVED them on even better than I imagined. They looked so cute. And color-coordinated with Granny. Ingrid got to meet Laney for the first time! KISS!


  1. I am so thankful for answered prayers of Granny's visit going well.I am so glad she got to come to Glenda's and see the girls.Such preciousness.Laney is precious too!

  2. Glad the family time went well! Ingrid's giraffe comment made me laugh :) and I totally used to "collect" Scotty dog things when I was a kid. Haha :) very cute matching outfits for the girls!

  3. Steph I love this! The pictures of mom with Liv and Ing and the family are priceless.The smiles on her face makes me smile too.She has talked about Liv and Ing and is asking when we can get together again and I told her very soon.I want them to know their Granny Lane..She said they are perfect and beautiful and of course I agree with her.Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful memories of family time together on New Years Day