Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I got down a photo album today from 1984. The year I was born. I was looking for a picture of myself in the brown dress Liv wore Sunday. As soon as I opened it, there was the picture! Ingrid says, "Hi Liv!" I cracked up. I turn a few pages and Ingrid excitedly says, "HI MEIL, MEIL!! Mama--Meil Meil and Liv!" Obviously she sees the resemblance between Heather and Amelia and Liv and me. It was so precious. Here we are: Liv in the "Roma" dress and me in the "Roma" dress. Amelia holding Liv and Heather holding me. I was several months older than Liv in this pic and Heather is about a year and a half older than Amelia here. While I was doing some flashbacks, I found a couple more I liked. These flashbacks were from not-so-long ago! Heather holding Liv at 1 week old and Heather holding Ingrid at 1 week old. Liv and Ingrid both in their "Life is Good" princess jammies. Liv is 2 months and Ingrid is 3 months here. Flashback fun!


  1. please, please flashbacks forever. and how smart is ingrid?? seriously. love, love, love. and mom is so right--about the brown dress. roma has had taste from waaaay back.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all these pictures of my precious girls! Button did not button on you on brown dress if I recall correctly-wish I had saved more dresses!Love the sweet faces!

  3. Ok...the first time I saw a picture of Amelia and Heather I thought Amelia was a "mini-Heather.". And I think Liv looks like a little dark headed Ingrid! So precious...