Sunday, January 15, 2012

2 months old!

Dear Liv Riley,

You are two months old! It is unreal how fast time is flying by. I'm SO thankful that I'm still on maternity leave and can be here with you. It is the biggest blessing I could imagine. Your Gammy is teaching Mommy's class so I can stay home as long as possible with you during these first few weeks of your life. You have already rolled from tummy to back and have laughed out loud several times. You are cooing and making the sweetest noises for Mama and Dada. Your sister loves to help get your diapers, wipes, paci, and blanket for you all day. She makes sure you have your sleep sheep if you are crying. And you definitely cry your eyes out sometimes. You pull your lip down and you cry with everything you have. A lot of times you just want to be held a certain way. I think you might be a little diva doll! You go get your shots this month so we will get an update on your weight and height then. You are still eating good, so I think you will tip the scales towards the heavy end! You took your first bottle from Daddy last week. We are trying to do one bottle a day so mommy can pump milk for you to have when I go back to work. So far, we've given you the bottle four times and you've done pretty good with it from the beginning. You are slowly getting into a sleeping schedule. Up until a week ago I was only getting about 2-3 hours of sleep per night. That was pretty rough on Mommy, so I did a big dance when you slept SEVEN hours straight the other night. I am praying for more nights like that! You are such a doll baby with your big blue eyes and dark hair. I dressed you up in one of my old dresses for church this morning. Your daddy said you looked just like a vintage doll. And I couldn't agree more. You are precious Liv Riley and I love you so very much.



  1. She IS a doll! Love reading this update about the details of Liv's life :)

  2. these pictures are stunning. my fave shoes that they outgrow in a second. :)

  3. That dress was from Roma. Darling.

  4. Roma is still getting the darling dresses,just like she did when you were small.I love these precious 2 month photos!She is soo sweet!Glad you finally got a good night of sleep.