Thursday, January 5, 2012

6 weeks old

Last week Liv had her 6 week check-up with the doc. She was pretty in pink to see our favorite medical staff. Thank you SO MUCH for praying for Liv's heart. The doctor detected no heart murmur this time! I was so thankful. It took him a while to listen because Liv wouldn't stop screaming long enough for him to get a good long listen in! She hates the doctor's office as much as her sis I guess. Her weight and height were in the 50-75th percentile. She weighed in at 10.2 pounds and was 21 inches long! My big girl can no longer wear any of her newborn clothes and her 3 month clothes are plenty snug. I also got checked out and am released to return to all normal activities. Which means my exercise program needs to start ASAP. But I lack any motivation at all....I'll get there I suppose. Derek and I decided to take Liv on her first shopping trip since we needed to exchange a few Christmas gifts. We opted to leave Ingrid with her Nana for her sake and ours. We thought it would be much less stressful on our first time out with Liv, if we didn't have a 17 month in tow also. I think it was a good choice, even though I felt guilty for being there with Liv and not her the whole night. Oh, mommy-guilt--why do we have it?? Anyway, we dressed Liv up in her new tie-dye onesie from her Great Aunt Donna, Gap jeggings, Brown fur-lined boots from Roma and Fern, and headband made by me. She was styling for her trip out! She did really good on our night out. She had two big crying fits but that was it. We went to Tanger, Michaels, Target, and Olive Garden! I ended up having to feed Liv in Olive Garden--that was my first time having to breast feed her in public...Not my favorite thing to do. Or hers apparently. She ate for 5 minutes and got screaming mad. Derek bounced her a bit and she calmed down but did not want to eat anymore. She was fine for the rest of our meal. Liv has been doing really well on her tummy time. She has a very strong neck and can hold her head up for long periods of time. Here she's demonstrating her strength on her daddy. And two nights ago Liv rolled from tummy to back! One day before she turned 7 weeks. What a big girl!


  1. So glad you guys got this fun time with your girl. I have mommy guilt too..trying to pray it away. Exercise-blah. My stubborn body refuses to let go of 5-7 pounds in order to keep nursing. I have nothing more to say or think about it! I think you look fabulous and am proud of you for feeding Liv in Olive Garden. I never thought I would nurse in public so much-verrrry covered of course. :) love ya.

  2. Precious outfit for her shopping trip and so sweet with her daddy! Good job rolling over Miss Liv.We are so thankful for the great check-up and answered prayers.