Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back-Tracking (Part 2: Shopping/Shindig/Shine after the Storm)

I mentioned that I have now added Mother's Day to my long list of much-loved holidays. Here's another reason why. An extension to my already-wonderful Mother's Day gifts was a shopping day with my mom and sister. Kid-free! We haven't had a day for just the three of us in a long, long time. We had the best time. We got to the mall at 10:45 and left at 8:00. We ate lunch and supper in the food court so we wouldn't waste any time driving around. It was my dream day. I bought and bought and bought. Tons of good deals. Tons of clothes suitable for a growing belly. Tons of memories with mom and Heather. Meme and Jen even met us for lunch.

And since Derek did such a great job with Mother's Day, the pressure was on for Ing and I to come up with something good for Father's Day. What's better than a new pair of Chacos?? We were too excited and gave the sandals to D early. He loved them.

Next on the back-tracking list is Darren's birthday. We went to Glenda and Daniel's for his 25th birthday shindig. We grilled out, had a delicious homemade chocolate pie, and played with our little Ingy Bingy. She's pretty fond of her Uncle Darren!

Towards the end of the party, the weather started getting a bit scary and we headed to the house. We had a severe storm every night for several nights in a row. We are so lucky that we didn't endure any damage or major threats. So many across the state and surrounding states were injured or killed. And many, many others lost their homes, pets, and everything they've ever known. These people need so many prayers. We must keep praying long after the media stops reporting. Praying they can move on. Get their life back together. Gain peace and understanding. Leave the fear and hurt behind. I was so happy to see God's promise after I put Ingrid down for a nap the other day. What a beautiful reminder that God is always in control and his love is endless.


  1. beautiful rainbow and great fun with the fam. I may have to buy your barn.

  2. Hoping Ing will get that musical ability from the Henderson family. She is a lucky little girl,so many to love her.
    Fun time in Springfield for one and all !!!!!
    Perfect gift for Drake.

  3. excellent post my sister. first of all, the shot of darren, daniel, derek, and ing stands out as my favorite. the shopping day was so much fun. i love shopping with you and mom. so fun and so thankful we got to go. so glad that you are backtracking. loving reading it all.

  4. Shopping was oh so fun!When these little girls become shoppers,I hope I am still in for the long haul with them.Love the picture of Ingrid with all the guys and wish you were in the girl one.Great rainbow-still praying for all those who lost so much.