Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Derek has been watering the lawn like crazy since we haven't been blessed with much rain lately. He waters it with the sprinkler and works out quite nicely. He's such a good yardworker. Saturday was brutally hot and he decided to run through the sprinkler with Ingy boo. She was up for it without a doubt!

The first sprinkling.

She loved it! And was ready to run full force through the sprinkler.

This is too much fun!

Whew. That will make a girl wet and worn out. But it was a blast. Thanks, Dada.


  1. What fun!!! looks like she loves water of any kind.Eyes so,so blue...

  2. Our water girl had a good time with her Dad it looks like.She doesn't mind water in her face obviously.LOL I love how she gets so excited!

  3. She is just SO that last photo! She just seems so happy to be doing whatever...too cute!