Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation Part 2: Bocce Ballin'

On our trip we had no set agenda. Nothing planned. Nowhere we HAD to go. We got to stay out of the beach as late as we wanted. And we took full advantage of that. (Except the first night when my hunger and low blood sugar made us eat dinner at 5:30!) One evening we broke out Bocce Ball. I love this game! I'm not the greatest--but sometimes I hit a lucky streak. I was feeling confident so I declared a boys vs. girls matchup. Not my smartest move. The guys mutilated us. But we had so much fun. I have a really good picture of Heather rolling in the sand practically peeing her pants in laughter, but since I got in trouble over the excited face in the last post, I'll refrain from making it public. Growl.

Look at that form! He must be a professional Bocce Baller.

He also thinks I need help with my game. I don't.

A rare victory set.

We are not sore losers.

I hope I get to play lots more games of Bocce at backyard cookouts this summer. I will win a game. I will.


  1. fun fun fun! maybe we can play when we get up there!

  2. So fun in the beautiful white sand!Should have put the picture.LOL Maybe you guys will win next time.Cute sissy pic.

  3. Love these vacation photos!! Looks like so much fun :) We've had a few rounds of Bocce Ball at our family occasions as well, but I've never given it a try. I will have to, in honor of you and your sis, to see what all the fun is about! Love you Steph. :) p.s.-you look awesome in your bathing suits!


  5. you know what? for the greater good of the internet, you may post the photo. i haven't seen it, but i can assure you it was hilarious while it was happening, so it HAS to be funny. right? this was so fun. i loved having all the time in the world :)

  6. Have I mentioned how much I love Derek's hair long?