Monday, June 13, 2011

Bambino Update

Exactly one week from today, D and I will be heading to the doc for our first sneak peek at our bambino. We would appreciate prayers for a healthy report on our little gal or guy. And of course a little immodesty would be nice too! I'm dying to know who our precious bam is! (Nursery planning, name searching, and clothes buying might be in the back of my mind too...) I've been feeling really good. I already mentioned that my appetite is back. My headaches are waning. My energy is being restored. I have, however, developed a lazy eye. Since I've never, ever had a lazy eye I think it's pregnancy related. And I've researched it, and it seems others have had it too. I need to make an appointment to see what I can do about this little left eye. Or I could go by Left Eye in honor of TLC...

I'm anxious to clock the heart rate this time since I forgot to even ask in the midst of the excitement at my 12 week appointment. And this babe is a mover. I thought I felt movement as early as 12 weeks and thought surely I was crazy. But I guess I wasn't. I have been feeling increasing movement ever since. Around week 14, bambino decided to really kick it up a notch and there has been movement nonstop. Especially when I sneeze! I'll be counting down the days this week. June 20th, here we come!


  1. oh baby bellies are the best. I hope you're having a blast in Florida!

  2. Oh oh my the pg belly in that swim suit-lol don"t forget the trip the the pool in Branson too that year.LOL Glad you love your suit and are having so much fun in it!We are praying for a healthy report!