Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back-Tracking (Part 3: First Trimester=Over)

I've said a thousand times how much I loved being pregnant the first time. And I truly meant it. And I'm so thrilled to be pregnant again. But I am not one bit sad that my first trimester is over. This one was a little more difficult than the last. I was much sicker. With rounds and rounds of dry heaves in the mornings and dare I say I even threw up once. (GASP-My first time since 1996 mind you) I never ate another thing before 8:00 after that morning at school. My appetite in the mornings and evenings has been pretty much non-existant. I've tried to eat very well at lunch since that's the time of day food doesn't sound repulsive. And I've forced down dinner every single night. Forced being the operative word. With many gags throughout the meal. I do think I'm on my way to hungerville. I was very hungry all day today and ate well at lunch and supper. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant, so I think I have surpassed the hard part. I'm slowly gaining my energy back. I have been so extremely tired. At the beginning of the school year when Ingrid was still getting up in the night, I was pumping during the day, working 10 hours a day at school, and still trying to live in a house that wouldn't be condemned by the city, I thought I couldn't be more exhausted. I was wrong. These last few weeks have been the most tiring of my life. When I was pregnant with Ing, I could come home and take a little nap or even pass out on the couch for a couple hours. That is no longer the case! You just forge on and tell your brain you are NOT tired and you just keep going. I am happy to say that it made me feel very accomplished to keep going. Kind of like I won a major award each day I would make it to 10:30pm. I don't feel quite as tired now and I'm so happy I only have 3 days of school left so I can catch up on a little rest. I've been documenting my belly growth just like I did with Ingrid. I'd like to say I'm showing sooner with this baby, but I think it's just those 9 pounds I never lost after I had Ing. HA!

I am so thankful for the invention of "jeggings." After I had the baby I stocked up on these stretchy-banded wonder pants. They made me feel like I could still look decent without fat spilling over a waste-band. And they're perfect now that my belling is growing again. Let's face it--they are basically like maternity pants. My doctor visits have gone well. I got to hear the heartbeat at my 12 week appointment and I was so excited to hear that wonderful sound that I didn't even ask what the rate was. I'll find out next time for sure. We get to have an ultrasound at the next appointment too. June 20 is the big day. I can't wait to see every healthy little body part and organ staring back at me from the screen. I'll be 17 weeks, so there's a chance we can find out gender also! Of course I'm super anxious to begin planning the nursery. SO FUN. My stats have been good. Blood pressure normal. Weight okay--same trend as last time. Still losing weight--I'm sure I'll get my big gain all at once and slowly get bigger and bigger with each appointment. I had lost 4 pounds before I went in and I lost another pound at the last appointment. So we'll see how I am next time now that my appetite is returning!

Is it just me, or do I look much bigger in the 11 week photo than any of the others? Must be the tight green pants. EEK.


  1. you look fantastic in all of them...must be nice. :) can-not-wait to find out what baby hendo #2 will be!!!

  2. Definitely the green pants-LOL Yes, it has been much rougher,but let us only pray the labor is much shorter.We love good Dr.reports!

  3. Great pictures! Congratulations!