Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Few of Ing's Favorite Things

As school was winding down, Mom and Dad informed me that Ingrid was starting to repeat all the colors on her stackable rings! She would do it for them over and over but when I got off work and headed in to see her she was done playing with those rings! So Derek and I started saying all the colors on her musical flower toy to see if she would repeat them for us. And it worked! Her two favorite colors seem to be purple and yellow. She loves to say those two the best. Her little tiny voice is hilarious as she says them too. Seeing how her two favorite colors are indeed purple and yellow, I had to get her something special to celebrate her color choices.

Obviously her favorite team is the Lakers! It might not be mine, or Derek's, but a girl is entitled to her own opinion, right? When I saw this "Lakers girl for life" shirt, I had to purchase it. Maybe she is just subconsciously channeling her mom...????

We've established Ingrid Cate's favorite colors. Here are few more of her favorite things.
Magnets. She loves playing with her animal magnets at the refrigerator. She usually picks the cat, dog, zebra, panda, giraffe, and duck. She gives each one to me and says "Thank You!"

Cards. We keep all the cards Ingrid gets for holidays and other occasions in a cubby in her white bookshelf. She absolutely loves to get each card out and "read" it. She opens them over and over and over. Sometimes they get ripped or ruined. But I've decided I'm okay with that. It's better that she enjoys them now I think. And she definitely enjoys them.

Fake pout. Ingrid has her fake pout cry down to an art. She puts her top lip over her bottom and then puffs the bottom lip in and out with such a pitiful little cry. But it's all fake. Just to get what she wants. My dad thinks it's hilarious. Me, not so much! This particular fake pout cry is for "MOOOORE PUFF-PUFFS!"

Silkies. Ingy poo loves her blankets. She has a little one and a big one. I call them silkies. She has decided to call them "Night-nights." I guess because I always tell her they are only for night-night. She loves to try to sneak them out of her bed and cuddle with them. I'll say "No-no Ingrid Cate. Those are just for night-night." Sometimes she succeeds in getting them out of her crib. She's just a little proud of herself when she wins.

Ingrid has so many favorite things. She loves playing, loves her toys, loves her books, loves her swing, but I think she loves her mama best of all!


  1. this shirt looks even more adorable than i dreamed it would! love the pregnancy flashback too--so clever. and oh that tiny little voice of hers. i can't wait to hear her say her colors. what a smart tooter bug she is. love you ingy and can't wait till one of your favorite things is a sleepover with aunt heathy.

  2. So sweet and smart! Love the pout face! And the ending of your blog...of course she loves you most of all. Great blog. I loved reading it.

  3. I am cracking up over the comparison of her favorite colors to the Lakers Yellow is her favorite one I like to hear her say,wonder how many people dad has told about the color repeating since he told you one million times.LOL Too cute of you and MB and you and Ingrid Cate.

  4. She is precious...and I love to read your blog! You're a great writer!

  5. Great blog, you are quite the writer.The letters you write to Ingrid Cate are so special.I enjoy it all..
    Glad she gets her cards to see whenever she wants. The picture you took of her standing holding her silkie,soooooooooooo darling!!!!