Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Sister

She's 30 today. The big three zero. Sometimes it still feels like she's ten and I'm seven. Or sixteen and thirteen. Mostly twenty-one and twenty-four. Time is flying by all around us. But we never change. We will always be best friends. The perfect match to the other. She will be Sharina Koki and I will be Munchikikkimo. Sometimes I still whisper, "Night, love you, see you in the morning." Even though her bedroom is not right beside mine, I'm sure she hears me. She will always be the crazy to my calm. The fun to my serious. The outspoken to my quiet. The passion to my reserve. The hero in my heart. She will be my everything. Forever.

3.5 and 10 months

4 and 1

6 and 3

Twenty years later...
25 and 22

27 and 24

28 and 25

29 and 26

30 and 27

Happy Birthday Heather!


  1. The tears watching my little girls grow up again through photos! What a special post for your special sister!The cabbage patch hug up there reminds me of a photo of Ingrid and Amelia-LOL Your sweet words describe her so well!Happy Big 30 my Heather Le Anne!

  2. I have been a lucky mom with two great girls! Love them so much!

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  4. Little Amelia and Ingrid in those earlier ones!

  5. Best post of all time. These pictures made my day. (as you know) Thanks for scanning them in and gushing a little lol. I love you and treasure these pictures and memories. Tears and sloppy kisses.

  6. Remember it all so well !!! Fun and hugs and laughter...Happy Birthday to our Heathy Beathy.

  7. great post babe.